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What do AP’s Royal Oak and PP’s Nautilus have in common? Many people know them as high-end steel-cased sports watches that came out in the 1970s, and they are still active in the product lines of the two major brands.

In addition, they are all from the same designer – Gérald Genta. Before founding his brand, Gérald Genta designed popular classics for many brands, including the Omega Constellation series, IWC’s Engineer series, and Bao The Bvlgari·Bvlgari series, which looks like ancient Roman coins.

You may not know it, but Gérald Genta also designed a watch for Rolex around the 1960s. However, this watch is unlike the well-known series mentioned above and has long since disappeared from Rolex’s product lineup. But looking back, you will find that it has an entirely different personality from modern Rolex watches. It surpassed the Day-Date, a presidential watch, and became Rolex’s most expensive flagship watch. Rolex copy watches.

This watch is called King Midas. Its name comes from a king in Greek mythology who has the magic power to turn stones into gold. It is not difficult to see Gérald Genta and Rolex’s expectations for this watch from the name of the watch.

This watch is made of K gold, just like King Midas’ ability to turn stones into gold. Furthermore, the precious metal material can also echo the king’s noble status. Like the Royal Oak and Nautilus, this watch is designed with a metal chain strap. Its chain strap is more straightforward than the previous two. There are no extra auxiliary or decorative parts between the links. As for the shape of the case, it is square. Right taste.

It is a left crown watch, but what is extraordinary is that the left case line has a spire line that slowly arches toward the crown. It is said that Gérald Genta’s design was inspired by the Parthenon Temple in Greece, which is where the case is upright. It may not be obvious when you wear it on your hand, but when you lay the watch flat with the crown facing up, you can more or less see the master’s design ingenuity.

When King Midas is laid flat, the overall impression is that of a temple, and the chain links one by one look like the Doric columns of the temple. The surprise is yet to come. Moving your gaze to the top of the crown, in addition to the words “KING MIDAS” engraved on the surface of the shoulder pads, the anti-slip groove design around the crown seems to have a metaphor for the outline of the sun. These seemingly simple lines and elements cast the designer’s cautious thinking.

Looking at the front of the dial, King Midas only has a simple two-hand pattern, with the Rolex logo at noon and the handwritten Greek word “Midas” at 6 o’clock. Moreover, the mirror material of this watch is sapphire, which was already available then—showing some noble and honorable temperament.

There is still no see-through bottom on the back of the case, but the 650/651 manual winding movement exposed after opening the bottom cover has much history. It turns out that it is the 21 movement modified by Rolex from the FP movement factory. Many well-known Brands have used this movement, including Blancpain, Cartier, PP, etc.

The thickness of the movement is only 1.73mm, the vibration frequency is 3Hz, the number of gems is 18, and the power reserve is 42 hours. It is quite outstanding at the level of the time. It can be seen that this watch strives to interpret that kind of beauty from the appearance to the interior. The realm of “King”.

The design concept at that time was difficult to accept in modern times, and the price and positioning of the watch were a bit different from ordinary Rolex watches, resulting in the reign of King Midas not being too long. Swiss fake watches.

However, it was popular at that time. In the 1960s and 1970s, some famous people owned this Rolex watch that now looks unique. Among them was the rock singer Elvis Presley. Elvis Presley once received it as a gift. A King Midas watch, this encounter between the king and the king adds some legend to this watch.

Band Width: 20mm
Model: 118238CSP
Series: Day-Date
Brand: Rolex
Case Size: 36mm
Case Thickness: 12mm
Gender: Men’s
Case Color: Yellow Gold-tone

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