Rolex’s “Old Green Ghost” Has Maintained Its Style For Over Ten Years: Fake Watches

Rolex’s previous generation Green Ghost 16610LV

Rolex launched a Submariner with a green bezel in 2003 (1953 to 2003), model 16610LV. The LV in the model is the abbreviation of the French Lunette Verte, which means green. 16610LV is based on the Submariner 16610 launched by Rolex 1988, with a green bezel and black dial. Its appearance differs from the current 116610LV, which has a green bezel and dial. Rolex Green Ghost 16610LV was launched in 2003, discontinued in 2010, and replaced by 116610LV. This 16610LV has the prefix Z. Based on the year of manufacture of the Rolex prefix, it should be a 2006 watch.

Rolex’s previous generation Green Ghost 16610LV (top) and current Green Ghost 116610LV (bottom)

Rolex watches have a very close historical inheritance and continuation, so from ancient times to the present, the overall appearance of the models of each generation is very similar. But veteran players all know that although they look identical at first glance, there are many differences in details. Let’s examine the difference between this old green ghost 16610LV and the current Rolex.

Rolex’s previous generation Green Ghost 16610LV


Rolex’s previous generation Old Green Ghost 16610LV is also 40 mm, but the case shape of the previous generation Submariner is somewhat different from the current Submariner/Green Ghost on sale. The first is the crown shoulder guard. We can see that the previous generation 16610 shoulder pads have a sharper shape, like a “bird’s beak.” The shoulder pads of the current 116610/116610LV are significantly strengthened, and the shape of the shoulder pads is close to a square. The second difference is the lugs. The lugs of the previous generation Rolex 16610/16610LV Submariner were relatively slender. The current 116610/116610LV lugs are more expansive, and the ends of the lugs are wider. Although the old Submariner and the contemporary Submariner are both 40 mm, the current Submariner looks larger visually because of the wide lugs.

We can see that the shapes of the lugs and shoulder pads are different between the previous generation Green Ghost 16610LV and the current Green Ghost 116610LV.

Bezel and dial

The most prominent feature of the previous generation, Green Ghost 16610LV, is green aluminum rings. Rolex Submariner only started to use ceramic rings in the 116610/116610LV generation. The aluminum ring of the Old Green Ghost cannot compare with the current ceramic ring in terms of wear and scratch resistance. The old green ghost I have here has already left minor scratches on the bezel. At the same time, another “characteristic” of the aluminum ring is that the color is unstable. Different uses and storage environments of the watch over the years will cause the color of the aluminum ring to change slightly. We can often see that the colors of the green aluminum rings of different Old Green Ghosts are somewhat different; some are brighter, and some are darker. The bezel of this 16610LV is still green and bright because of the care taken. The water ghosts currently on sale, whether black ghosts or green ghosts have entirely solved the problems of scratch resistance and fading problems after using ceramic rings. After years of use, the ceramic ring will still look bright and new. At the same time, the green on the bezel of the current 116610LV Green Ghost is darker than that of the previous generation Green Ghost. Fake watches.

The previous generation, Green Ghost 16610LV, had a green ring and a black plate.

The previous generation Green Ghost 16610LV only had a green bezel, while the dial was still black. Compared with the current 116610LV, which has an all-green bezel and disk, some people think the old green ghost, green circle, and black disk combination looks better.

The bezel of the previous generation, Green Ghost 16610LV, was an aluminum bezel.

Bracelet clasp

The old buckle of the previous generation of Rolex sports watches (5-digit models) differs significantly from the current ones (6-digit models). This 16610LV old green ghost uses the old buckle. In appearance, the old buckle has a pattern that imitates an Oyster bracelet. The buckle and bracelet blend into one when the buckle is buckled. But from the current perspective, the texture on the old watch buckle needs to be more refined. From a functional point of view, the old watch buckle does not have a quick adjustment function. If you want to fine-tune the length, you can only use tools to change the position of the bracelet slot on the inside of the watch buckle to adjust the length. Nowadays, the watch buckle of Submariner 116610/116610LV has a quick-adjust function. As long as the watch chain is buckled upward, it can slide freely, expand, and contract, which is very convenient. Luxury replica watches.

The bracelet and clasp of the previous generation, Green Ghost 16610LV, are different from the current Rolex. The buckle does not have a quick adjustment function.


The previous generation of Submariners, including 16610LV, uses the same movement as the current Submariner, using the Rolex 3135 movement. However, Rolex’s early 3135 movement used a conventional Nivarox alloy hairspring. In 2009, the Rolex 3135 movement fully began to use Rolex’s unique Parachrom blue niobium hairspring. The blue niobium hairspring has dramatically improved the anti-magnetic and anti-shock performance, improving the watch’s travel time accuracy. All Rolex men’s watches use blue niobium hairsprings (the 2236 movement of women’s watches uses silicon hairsprings). My Z-shaped old green ghost was produced in 2006, so it uses a conventional Nivarox alloy hairspring instead of a blue niobium hairspring. However, because this old green ghost has been maintained in Beijing Labor Service before, after oil cleaning and re-adjustment, the movement is in peak condition, with accurate running time and 2 seconds faster every day.

Rolex’s previous generation, Green Ghost 16610LV, also used the 3135 movement, but before 2009, the 3135 movement did not use a blue niobium hairspring.

The value of the old green ghost

In the past two years, the market price of the Rolex Green Ghost has skyrocketed, and the market price of the old model Green Ghost has also risen accordingly. New players may not believe that in 2011 and 2012, when Rolex still maintained a regular market, you could buy a second-hand 16610LV old model Green Ghost for just over 30,000 yuan. Today, the value of an old green ghost is more than 70,000 (depending on the quality, complete accessories, etc.), which can be said to have more than doubled.

From this old green ghost, we can also see that if a famous watch is used correctly and carefully maintained, it can be in the best condition and accompany you no matter 10, 20, or even longer years.

Movement: Automatic
Brand: Rolex
Series: Submariner
Gender: Men’s
Case Size: 40mm
Case Color: Silver-tone
Model: 16610LV
Band Width: 20mm

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