These Two New Rolex Products Are Youthful, Best Replica Watches

In the past, Rolex watches mostly presented themselves with a classic appearance, giving people a mature and stable feeling. As watch-buying consumer groups have become younger in recent years, many brands have begun to change their design styles and adopt elements that are close to the trend and have a strong fashion flavor. Like the two works Rolex released this year, they dazzled players with their novel creativity and brightly colored dials.

Oyster Perpetual “Bubble Disk”

The Oyster Perpetual is a Rolex series with a long history, and its simplicity and practicality are its best interpretation. Although it is positioned at the entry-level among the brand’s many models, its performance is equal to that of high-end models. The name “Oyster Perpetual” comes from a patent by Rolex in 1926, which means that the case is as strong as an oyster (oyster), which makes the case have excellent waterproof performance. Today, the Oyster case has become a prestigious technology of Rolex and is widely used in professional models. These products are named after the “Oyster Perpetual Model”.

Many players consider The Oyster Perpetual, a professional model because it has a screw-down crown and luminous hour markers. According to the official website, the Oyster Perpetual and Datejust are classic models. In 2020, the brand updated the Oyster Perpetual product line. The new models are divided into five watch diameters: 28, 31, 34, 36, and 41 mm, which meet the wearing needs of watch lovers of different body types and genders.

The high-saturation color dial is the biggest highlight of the new Oyster Perpetual. Some players associate it with cartoon characters such as Pokemon and Calabash, and they are all curious about what it will be like to collect different colors. Now, the masterpiece of the Oyster Perpetual is here: it uses the previously popular “turquoise” color as the primary color of the disk. It has many bubbles of different sizes distributed above it. The edges of these bubbles are covered with black outline rings, including candy pink, turquoise blue, yellow, coral, and green colors used on the Oyster Perpetual. Bell and ross replica.

From a single color dial to a colorful “bubble disc,” the Oyster Perpetual’s use of color becomes increasingly bold, injecting vitality into this long-standing series.

Weekly calendar “puzzle board”

When mentioning datesheets and day-date models, the image of “Dajinlao” comes to many people’s minds. Indeed, the luxurious appearance is the impression this series has given us in the past. However, the situation has been different recently. After introducing “palm leaves” on the Datejust model in 2021, the Weekly Date model has also changed its style and added a fashionable “puzzle plate.” The new product uses a combination of filled enamel and gem inlay technology. The dial is divided into multiple areas of different colors. The edges of each puzzle piece are outlined with 18K gold, which is rich in layers. The hour markers are also composed of various colored gemstones with a very luxurious texture.

There are three new watches in total, namely 18K white gold (m128239), 18K gold (m128238), and 18K rose gold (m128235) versions. They all use 36 mm diameter, one of the series’s classic sizes. Among them, the dials of the 18K white gold and 18K gold models are mainly turquoise. This color is one of the colors of the 2020 Oyster Perpetual and is popular because it is close to “Tiffany Blue.” Best replica watches.

The most essential function of the Rolex Day-Date is to display the two information of “week” and “calendar.” It effectively utilizes the dial space to set the fan-shaped day display window at 12 o’clock and the calendar window at 3 o’clock. The text language can be changed according to local usage habits for day-date watches sold in different countries or regions. Currently, the brand offers a variety of options, including Latin, Arabic, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese, and even the Geez vowel appended text used in Africa to meet the wearer’s personalized needs to the greatest extent.

The youthfulness of the new products is reflected in the rich colors and puzzle styles and the innovation of the content of the week calendar window. As you can see, the previous “week” has been replaced by Happy, Eternity, Gratitude, Peace, Love, and Hope. No matter which day it is, it is beautiful. Meaning. At the same time, the calendar is also presented with emojis.

These two new products show the innovative breakthroughs in Rolex watch design in recent years. Their launch helps the brand get rid of the “old-fashioned” label and show favor to younger consumers.

Band Color: Silver-tone
Model: m128239-0026
Gender: Men’s
Case Thickness: 12mm
Case Size: 36mm
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836
Series: Day-Date
Brand: Rolex

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