The Dream Joint Name Of A Modified Watch And Modified Car Rolex Fake

Skeleton Concept, a watch modification brand from France, has recently become obsessed with racing. After cooperating with the two-time Le Mans 24 Hours champion some time ago to create the “Carbon Concept” watch, it is now cooperating with the famous American car modification factory Hennessey Performance Engineering collaborated to develop the “Venom F5 Concept” watch.

Hennessey is a brand that specializes in modifying luxury cars. Its products include modified Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren, and so on. In 2011, Hennessey Venom GT was born and won the Guinness World Record with an astonishing speed of 435.31Km/h. As the successor of Venom GT, Hennessey Venom F5 still maintains its proud performance. Its theoretical rate exceeds 500 km/h, leading to the trend of “fastest car.”

Watches and cars are inseparable, like twin brothers. Skeleton Concept and Hennessey designers took the Venom F5 as the concept and created a custom timepiece based on the Rolex fake Daytona that embodies the idea of a super sports car. From the choice of colors to the customized materials and the entire design concept, all have been carefully considered to maximize the watch’s unprecedented speed and supercar style.

To perfectly restore the precise size of the Oyster case, Skeleton Concept spent more than 500 hours participating in the production and polishing. Finally, thanks to the transparency of the sapphire, the beating of the movement inside the watch replicas is visible.

On top of the sapphire case, covered with a forged carbon fiber bezel, this is to echo the powerful engine of the Venom F5 super supercar. The hollowed-out dial is as powerful as an engine beast and is even more eye-catching after remodeling. The movement is highlighted in 24k gold on the small dial and oscillating weight, and the red central second hand symbolizes speed.

The text logo above the dial incorporates the brand characteristics of the Skeleton Concept. The star markings on the white tachymeter scale reference the American flag, home of the Hennessey brand. Turning to the case back, you can see the number of the limited edition car and Hennessey’s slogan, “The American dream never sleeps.”

To better match the sapphire case, Skeleton Concept chose to match the white rubber strap, which has been polished to fit the futuristic sense of the car. In the end, the custom timepiece was ideally launched, which brings together the technological crystallization of the Skeleton Concept and echoes the uniqueness of the Hennessey Venom F5.

Case Size: 40mm
Band Width: 20mm
Case Color: Silver-tone
Dial Color: Steel Dial
Gender: Men’s
Model: 116519LN
Series: Daytona
Brand: Rolex

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