The Greenest Fake Rolex, Why Did It Become Popular When It Was Discontinued?

Among the many Rolex watches, two precious metal watches with green disks became “hot” after the production was discontinued.

Because the green plate is matched with a green crocodile leather strap, it is the greenest of all Rolex watches. So, why no one wanted it when it was launched, but now it is so popular after it has been discontinued?

Green is not a very popular color in the world of watches. Firstly, it isn’t easy to match with clothes. Secondly, it is more challenging to choose the material of the dial. If done well, it will easily retain the sense of class. Therefore, some brands have very few green noodles or must be made.

However, Rolex has been trying hard to use and match various green colors and disk materials. However, before the green water ghost became popular, green was more often used as a commemorative color for some watches, such as dark There are two weekly calendars with a green dial, an all-gold GMT with a dark green lacquer dial, an Oyster Perpetual with a green dial, a women’s journal with a green dial, an all-gold Daytona with a green dial, and so on. Fake Rolex.

If it weren’t for the “explosion of popularity” of Green Water Ghost in the past few years, most of the Rolex mentioned above watches with green dials would still be relatively slow-selling models. I would have purchased these precious metal watches in Europe three years ago with green dials. , most of them also have discounts to negotiate. But now, finding a “green” look has become the norm, and many precious metal watches with green disks that were previously unsalable or out of production have also become hard to find. Rolex replica watches.

This 36-panel 118138 weekly calendar is one of the typical cases. It was similar to this year’s Oyster Perpetual lacquer dial when it was born. The six-color dial is paired with the same color crocodile leather strap, which lowers the price of the day-date precious metal watch. The price threshold, but at the time, they did not attract young customers like this year’s Oyster Perpetual. The day calendar lowered the point but did not bring the expected sales.

After all, seven or eight years ago, the weekly calendar did not have a presidential chain, which always made people feel it needed to be more pure. Slow sales were still the norm, even if the price was 1/3 cheaper. This series was officially discontinued at the beginning of 2019, but you can still see styles in different colors on many cabinets, except for green.

This green dial 118138 has become popular, and it is only after 2019. Green Jindi and green dial all gold GMT have driven the popularity of Rolex’s precious metal green dial watches. Among the potential customers of these two watches female users The effect of bringing goods is very obvious. Because for girls, the combination of gold and green is more like jewelry, so you don’t have to worry about wearing it.

It’s a pity that when “gold with green” attracts female consumers, this day calendar is nearly discontinued. The 36mm dial and green crocodile leather strap are very suitable for girls to wear, and its weight is compared to the other two green and gold watches. In terms of style, it is lighter. Therefore, in the past two years, this watch’s unused new inventory and second-hand prices have also been much more expensive than in previous years. Although the whole eye is as green as a leek, many people are still looking for and buying this watch.

So, in the end, is the brand endowed the color with more connotation? Or does color add more value to the product? In the past two years, watches with green dials have been launched by many watch brands, one after another, and everyone is chasing green hotspots. But, as a watch dial color that is extremely difficult to make and match, what is the actual value of green?

This value may be a manifestation of the strength of the Rolex brand. After decades of persistence, it has finally led to the new color trend of watch dials. As for this touch of green, how long will it last? Once this green color is flooded, it is not far from being worthless.

Series: Day-Date
Case Color: Gold-tone
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
Model: 118138
Band Color: Green-tone
Brand: Rolex
Gender: Men’s

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