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If it weren’t for the double “speculation” effect of Rolex and Daytona, this series of tape version all-gold Daytona should be considered a cost-effective Rolex watch. After all, Daytona’s own 4130 movement is reliable and keeps time. Yes, the 100-meter waterproof can also meet the needs of daily commuting. There are not many precautions when wearing it, and the tape not only lowers the purchase threshold, but ceramic rings also began to appear in this generation of 116518 in 2017, with total gold and inter-gold Datong. The ceramic ring has not been updated yet, so if the price increase of Panda Di is too harsh, this tape series is undoubtedly the best substitute in 2017-2018.

Most of the dials in this series have the same color version of the large dial and three small dials. Black, gold, white, and mother-of-pearl dials are the main ones. They are also divided into diamond-set hour markers and non-diamond-set ones. Only two of them are designed with small dials in contrasting colors. One is the famous “Shawn Yue” model, and the other is the protagonist of today’s show: the little red needle monster. Best replica watch site.

The advantage of the contrasting color design is that the three small dials are eye-catching. Black, gold, and red are three very textured colors when matched. They are also the most attractive appearance of this watch. Because the ceramic ring has a black background with gold scales, the color matching of the dial, small dials, and hands is critical.

It may be because Rolex has been so famous in the past two years. The price of the black and white Steel Di with the ceramic ring has been firm since its release, putting many originally unsalable Daytonas in short supply. The most apparent manifestation is the price. When I visited watch stores in Europe two years ago, the all-gold Daytona no longer gives discounts to passers-by. However, after tax rebates, the all-gold version is about RMB 220,000, and the half-gold version is more than RMB 100,000. Compared with domestic public watches, In terms of price, it was still very competitive at that time. Swiss replica watches store.

Another exciting thing is that many watch dealers and watch friends like to call this 116518 “Paul Newman” Daytona. However, it has nothing to do with the ultra-expensive and rare Paul Newman series, and the disk surface is not similar. If you say, who looks more like it? The Tudor Black Bay Gold Chronograph model in the picture below is copied from it. So, let’s call it the little red needle monster.

As fans of Rolex watches, we want to avoid seeing the abnormal terminal prices and difficulty of purchasing many professional Rolex watches now. Although fashion and trends will eventually change, what happened in Hedong in thirty years in Hexi in thirty years often happens. Still, when you experience it, you will find that this transformation takes a long time and is far longer than you imagined.

The last thing is that you must believe what you like when buying a watch. Even if you are attracted by it at first glance, try to avoid following the crowd; but if the look you want happens to be a popular model, then you can only work hard to make more money and Compete with more people who like it.

Gender: Men’s
Model: 116518BKCSR
Case Color: Gold-tone
Band Length: 17cm
Dial Color: Black Dial
Case Thickness: 16mm
Brand: Rolex
Case Size: 40mm
Series: Daytona

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