The orange lightning watch replica that blooms on the wrist

It is not easy to choose a watch replica that you like, with reliable quality and suitable for daily wear. It is often necessary to “go to the poor and fall to the yellow spring” and search hard in the sea of ​​watches. In my opinion, this is also sometimes helped by fate. Fortunately, I chose the Rolex 116400 watch, which is also a watch replica I usually wear.
  • Ecstasy second hand, the god of antimagnetic

Somehow, the watch still has no official Chinese name. According to the distinctive features of the watch, the orange second hand, which looks like a lightning bolt and leaks on the side, is nicknamed the lightning needle. And mine is called the black-faced lightning needle because it has a black dial. The word Milgauss above the dial is the foreign name of this watch, which means 1000 gauss. As the name suggests, the watch replica is magnetically resistant to 1000 Gauss. What is the concept of 1000 Gaussian antimagnetic? Taking a mechanical male watch replica as an example, according to the standard of the antimagnetic watch, when placed in a magnetic field of 4800A/m, the residual effect does not exceed 30 seconds. According to the conversion rule that one gauss equals 80A/m, a watch with an antimagnetic 1000 gauss can withstand a magnetic field of 80000A/m, which is much higher than that of an ordinary antimagnetic watch replica.
The first-generation Milgauss was introduced in 1956 and discontinued in 1980. After more than 20 years of silence, Rolex launched the second generation of Milgauss in 2007, which contains two models, namely 116400GV and 116400, commonly known as green glass and lightning needle, and the lightning needle is divided into black and white. The green glass model is rare due to the use of green sapphire glass, so the price is higher. But I don’t think I am a watch replica collector. Under the condition of the same performance, there is no need to choose green glass, so I put the black-faced lightning needle in my bag. Since its introduction in 2007, the Milgauss has represented the highest level of antimagnetic replica watches review. Even now, it is rare that the antimagnetic ability is better than this watch.
  • The Oyster legend, as always

It’s important to note that this table also belongs to the Rolex Oyster watch; dustproof and waterproof can be fully guaranteed. The history of the Oyster watch began in the 1920s. Just a few years ago, in 1914, a Rolex watch received a Class A certificate issued by the British Orthodontic Observatory, which shocked the watch replica replica world. Because at that time, only products such as excellent marine chronometers could be awarded A-level certificates. After this battle, Rolex became famous, and since then, it has been equated with precision.
Seeing the great success of Rolex, the founder of the brand, Hans Wilsdorf, was full of high spirits and ambition. However, he knew that the success of the past could only represent the past, and future glory must strive for it. Wilsdorf did not linger in the joy of victory and began to focus on the brand’s long-term development. By chance, he learned that British female athlete Mercedes Gillis was about to cross the English Channel. A visionary marketer, Wilsdorf had an unmatched business sense, and he saw this as the perfect time to promote the Oyster that Rolex had just invented. So Wilsdorf contacted Gillis and persuaded her to cooperate with Rolex. After that, a watch replica legend that was talked about by later generations began. In 1927, Gillis, wearing a Rolex Oyster watch, completed a historical initiative in the English Channel. When she swam in the water for more than 10 hours and came ashore exhausted, the Oyster was intact and accurate. In this way, the Oyster watch was an instant hit, becoming a Rolex classic and entering the hearts of watch replica fans.
Although this lightning needle is not a professional diving watch, it inherits the excellent genes of the Oyster watch replica and can easily cope with hand washing, face washing, and even swimming. The whole watch is exquisite in artistry and perfect in texture. The case is mirror polished, and the strap is polished and brushed, which is beautiful and elegant. The patient and band are made of 904L stainless steel. The cost of this steel is several times higher than that of the standard 316L stainless steel. It has strong corrosion resistance and is often used in aviation, metallurgy, and other fields. Since Rolex used 904L stainless steel to make watches in the 1980s, it has forged an indissoluble bond with it. As far as I know, apart from Rolex, there is no brand in the watch replica industry that insists on using 904L stainless steel for a long time. One of the reasons is that 904L stainless steel has high requirements for processing and production and requires a complete set of high-tech precision equipment; this is not something that any brand can do.
Most of Rolex’s Oyster watches have passed the Observatory’s certification, and this one is no exception. The black dial is engraved with the words “Superlative Chronometer”, meaning a super observatory. Some may think this is grandstanding, but based on the feedback from many friends and the fact that I wear it, the Super Observatory deserves its name. The Observatory certification only applies to the movement, and the daily difference of -4 to +6 seconds is considered eligible. However, Rolex, a brand that values precision in its life, has adopted more stringent standards. It not only sends the movement to the Observatory for testing but also tests the whole watch replica after the shell is installed. Only when the movement and the entire watch replica meet the requirements can the “Superlative Chronometer” be inscribed on the disk. From the purchase to now, this black lightning needle has been more than two years, day fast only 1-2 seconds, accurate, excellent.
  • It is precisely continued by brown jade

Regarding design style, the lightning needle is the Rolex, the least like Rolex. It is said because it does not have the small window convex lens of Rolex’s signature, nor does it have a triangular pit ring, which looks unpretentious. However, while having a calendar is practical, no calendar is just as good. I think it has its own beauty that has been washed away and is indisputable. This kind of beauty does not have the vast atmosphere of “Boundless Falling Trees Xiaoxiaoxia” but has the open-mindedness and calmness of “Why not sing and stroll.” Do not seek heavy makeup, but freshness and naturalness; do not seek fame, but comfort and tranquility; do not seek vigor and vitality, but tranquility and far-reaching. Chapter 70 of the Tao Te Ching says: “Those who know me are hopeful, and those who know me are precious. Therefore, the sages are browned and jaded.” For this watch replica, “jade” is the 3131 movement it carries.
Rolex has a full line of self-produced movements; the 3131 campaign is in the same line as the 3135 movements; the difference is that it has no calendar function and uses an antimagnetic soft iron inner cover. In addition, it also uses the brand’s blue Parachrom hairspring with an end curve. The hairspring is made of niobium-zirconium alloy, which is effective against magnetism and has far better shock resistance than the common Nivarox hairspring. Greatly improved isochronism. Regarding fine-tuning, Rolex has abandoned the standard speed needle structure and adopted a more advanced non-card balance with a hairspring; the screws adjust the watch’s speed on the balance wheel. In a practical sense, it can also give the watch replica long-term precision—travel time performance. The red swirl in the two-way winding system is covered with Teflon coating, which is not unique and beautiful but also durable. Even if it is not oiled for many years, it can run flexibly.
When you are bored, watching the pointer on your wrist move slowly, turning the passage of time into a beautiful trajectory of motion, will fill your heart with many feelings. The orange lightning that bloomed on my wrist has witnessed many important moments in my life, and it has always been by my side like a faithful and reliable partner. My watch replica life is enriched and complete because of the lightning needle.
Model:116400 GV
Case_size:40 MM
Bracelet_material:Steel (Oyster)
Dial_type:Black Baton
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
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