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The back is designed with a dense bottom, and the screw-in bottom cover requires a specific tool to open. The Water Ghost is leading the current trend of watches because of its reliable oyster-type design case and cal.3135 movements. However, the replica movement uses the domestic 2836 movement, which has also been tested by the market accurately, is stable, and is reliable. The band is an oyster-shaped structure with three rows, and each link is brushed to create a tight arrangement. An oyster-type safety buckle can effectively prevent the replica watch wholesale from in any accident to open.

Finally, let’s talk about the green water ghost. The most significant and only difference in appearance is the color. The ring mouth includes the color of the dial; one is emerald green, one is bright black, one is eye-catching, and one is restrained, making two different styles. Often discuss with friends which one is more suitable for you. The choice of replica watch wholesale with your dress, living habits, and personality have a great relationship! The character’s lively and cheerful pursuit of fashion can choose the green water ghost, and the character’s mature and stable preference for some formal clothes can choose the black water ghost.

In the watch industry, Rolex has always had a very high reputation. Still, many Rolex styles on the market are out of the stock king, especially the green and black water ghost, perennial no goods, and are regarded as the king of diving replica watches. If it comes to the value of the watch may also be the Rolex Water Ghost series; of course, I’m talking about most cases, excluding the Rolex Paul Newman at auction. In the wristwatch, there are a lot of choices, but many people are not around the Rolex “pit”, play table don’t buy Rolex, just like the work did not pay social security as a person with a conscience, and the hot underwater type is not under the words. But here, I would like to ask you a sentence said for many years, “water ghost” do you understand the Rolex water ghost?


About the water ghost, its official name is SUBMARINER; this watch was born in 1953 when the first product had a waterproof depth of up to 100 meters replica watch wholesale, appearance design and now is very different; the pointer is not a Benz needle, but a straight line pointer, now used in the creation of Benz needle has nothing to do with Mercedes-Benz car, It is only for the better adhesion of the luminous paint that the line was divided, and it is still used today. In addition to the pointer, other places have also been pronounced changes, such as the diameter of the case expanded from 36mm to 40mm, the waterproof also upgraded from 100 meters to today’s more common 300 meters, but also increased the one-way rotation of the outer ring and calendar device, among which the “magnifying glass calendar window” is one of the symbols of Rolex.

The Langfang Rolex Blackwater ghost watch was recent recycling and is sales price in appearance, or the classic oyster type appearance, with a cool black ceramic beam, one-way screw type beam, is made of challenging ceramic, with vital anti-corrosion function. Recognizable Mercedes hands, all 11 timepieces have a white glow-in coating and can be easily read at night. The 40mm black dial is classic and calm. The 300 m water resistance combined with the protection of the oyster-type shell makes it the first choice for outdoor sports and is known for its classic durability. The case is made of fine steel, and the side is very delicate after polishing. The diameter of the replica watch wholesale is 40mm; in the current era of significant table runoff, this size is optional for men and women can wear. The crown adopts the three-lock waterproof design, which significantly enhances the three-proof performance of the watch. After tightening the oyster case, it is like an airtight submarine.


Model:116610 LN
Case_size:40 MM
Bracelet_material:Steel (Oyster)
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
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