This Dial From Rolex Is So “Crazy” That It’s Named After A “Star.” Replica Designer Watches

Just like the scorching sun in the Middle East, the aesthetics of Middle Eastern high-rollers also tend to be a hot and enthusiastic feeling.

In the 1970s, Rolex focused on the booming demand in the Middle East and launched the unprecedented Day-Date series of Stella dial works, which were highly gorgeous. Some of the Stella custom-made plates are decorated with the national emblem of the Oman scimitar, which brings out the Middle Eastern characteristics and makes them more recognizable.

What is Rolex’s Stella dial?

What does Stella mean? This is a topic that everyone talks about. Some experts believe that Stella comes from elegant classical Latin, meaning “star”; others believe that “Stella” comes from the American modern artist Frank Stella, whose paintings and design works use colors that are crazy and, rich, dazzling.

The origin of the word “Stella” is simple: it is the name of a company. This Swiss company specializes in supplying pigments and inks to companies that make dials. It is located in Geneva and Châtelaine. The two companies Stern Frères and Lemrich on its customer list were the manufacturers of Stella disks and accessories in the 1970s. In the early 1980s, Stern Frères invested in Lemrich and became the only company to master Stella disks and related technologies.

The origin of the Stella plate

As for the origin of the Stella dial, Rolex said it was “in-house” (self-produced). This case was not made public for the first time until Dr. Helmut Crott, a watch expert from Aachen, Germany, published his book “Le Cadran” (Le Cadran). These are the invisible giants in the industry, such as Stella SA, Stern Frères, and Lemrich mentioned above. According to Dr. Crott’s description, Rolex personally came to consult Stern “if he could complete an unprecedented job.” Replica designer watches.

Even in a niche field like disk printing, it is still highly specialized and has specializations. Stern then contacted Stella to see if he could provide the most colorful inks and samples for reference.

Regarding the quantity of products, Stella said it can provide raw ink materials to make 100 dials. For Stern and Rolex, it is a drop in the bucket. They need a dial that can be assembled with 10,000 timepieces. As for how many timepieces they will eventually make, Rolex itself will not readily disclose this number. In any case, as a well-deserved invisible giant in the industry, no other company except Stern can complete the task delivered by Rolex.

One more thing to say here is that in 1975, Dr. Crott founded the auction house of the same name: Dr. Crott in Aachen, Germany. The auction house is recognized as a professional watch auction organization and occupies a position in Germany and other parts of Europe. Replica watches review.

Case Color: Silver-tone
Case Thickness: Around 12mm
Brand: Rolex
Gender: Unisex
Band Color: Silver-tone
Model: m126000-0007
Dial Color: Coral Red Dial
Series: Oyster Perpetual

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