What Watch Was Worn In The Movie “Knives Out”? Best Swiss Replica Watches

“Knives Out” tells the story of wealthy novelist Howard Sloan, who was found to have committed suicide in his manor on the second day of his 85th birthday, leaving behind hundreds of millions of inheritance. An anonymous person suddenly hires the famous detective Blanco (also played by 007) to investigate the truth of the case. At the same time, Howard’s grandson Lanson (also played by Captain America) is secretly investigating the case.

When Blanco talked with other members of the Howard Sloan family, he found that things were not as simple as they thought. The Howard family is not as harmonious as it seems. Everyone has their secrets, and everyone wants to get an inheritance. Is this murder a suicide or a homicide? Everyone seems to be a suspect.

Let’s look again at what kind of watches are worn in the movie.

Daniel Craig’s most memorable character is 007. This time, he plays a private detective in the play, wearing an antique Omega Seamaster + De Ville watch.

Today’s Omega De Ville De Ville series evolved and differentiated from the “Seamaster” series in the 1960s. Therefore, we can see “De Ville” and “De Ville” written simultaneously on the dials of some antique Omega watches today. “Seamaster” two lines. With the popularity of De Ville, it became a single series and a genre of its own. Best swiss replica watches.

This type of watch was prevalent in those days, leading to many antique imitation watches, and the price in the secondary market was not high. A manual watch can be bought for a few thousand yuan, and an automatic watch can be purchased for about 10,000 yuan.

The white police officer in the play is wearing an antique Rolex GMT, model Ref. 16753. Because the color of its bezel is similar to that of Root Beer, an American drink, it is also commonly known as “Root Beer” in the market.

The new Ref.126711 launched by Rolex in 2018 is the follow-up product of Ref.16753.

The watch worn by the black police officer in the play is relatively cheap. It is a quartz watch with a solid wood case. You can buy brand new ones on Taobao and Ebay for only about RMB 300.

The eldest daughter of the late wealthy novelist Howard Sloan, her image in the play was originally a metaphor for the upper class of the United States, with her gorgeous clothes and bright accessories.

However, the gold watch she wore in the play is the cheapest. It is a quartz women’s watch from the fashion brand I.N.C. It can be purchased on Ebay for only 200 yuan.

Jaeden Martell plays the second grandson of a deceased rich man in the play. He wears an Apple Watch, and his father also wears this watch.

Apple Watch was released in 2014. Although it was not favored by traditional watch circles at the beginning, in just five years, it has become the best-selling smartwatch in the world. If calculated on a single basis, it has surpassed Rolex, Omega, and Cartier to become the watch brand with the highest sales in the world. Such a best-selling situation has also led to its appearance in many modern movies shot in recent years.

Model: 16713BNSJ
Band Length: 18cm
Engine: Asian Movement
Gender: Men’s
Brand: Rolex
Dial Color: Bronze Dial
Series: Gmt Master
Band Width: 20mm

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