Yacht-master II: Rolex’s Most Professional Chronograph Fake Watch!

Two current Rolex timepieces can be called complex. In addition to the Skywalker, the YACHT-MASTER II (Yacht-Master II) was grandly launched in 2007.


There is functional complexity, but it is a complex way to use it. These two series are indeed Rolex’s most complicated watches. But in the general context, these two series are equipped with annual calendars and ten-minute countdown functions, which are common among mid-to-high-end watch brands. It’s hard to develop new ideas, but Rolex did it.

The Yacht-Master II came out in 2007, five years earlier than the Skywalker launched in 2012. The yacht is a series designed for sailing projects but has never had relevant professional functions. The Master II makes up for this regret and is a professional-grade Rolex fake watch.

Unlike the Yacht-Master, there are three sizes to choose from. Type II comes in only one size: 44mm.

Yacht-Master m226659-0002

The 44mm diameter Yacht-Master II is a big piece destined to be something other than versatile, limiting the number of people who can buy it.

The dial uses Rolex’s Chromalight luminous display. This development makes the problem of fading and dim brilliant materials a thing of the past.

Chromalight luminous display

The Yacht-Master II is equipped with the 4161 self-winding mechanical movement. Rolex spent 35,000 hours developing it, and its new features have been patented. UV-LiGA technology developed by Rolex makes some delicate parts. Rolex replicas for sale.

4161 movement

Like the Skywalker, the Yacht II also has a RING COMMAND outer ring.

Generally speaking, the watch’s outer ring and the mechanical device operate separately; the Ring Command outer ring is the first to combine the outer ring and the automatic machine and is directly connected to the movement, making the outer circle the core of regulating the countdown function. Components that allow contestants wearing this watch to reset according to the start of the event. Its design is precise, its operation is simple, and its strength is perfect.

Ring Command

Rolex has given new functions and uses to the outer ring of the watch, successfully pushing simplicity to the extreme.

Gender: Men’s
Series: Yacht-master Ii
Engine: Rolex Calibre 7750/Mingzhu Engine
Case Color: Silver-tone
Case Size: 44mm
Brand: Rolex
Band Length: 21cm
Model: 116680-78210
Band Width: 21mm

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