Fake Rolex For Sale New Sea Makes 16660 Wristwatch

The 2018 Basel Watch show went ahead on March 21, and Rolex was arguably one of the busiest brands, releasing a range of new watches. Including the latest Rolex Oyster Perpetual Deepsea Sea-Dweller Ref 126660. In addition to the cosmetic changes, it’s the all-new fake Rolex for sale 3235 movement.

The Rolex Deepsea Ghost King 116660 was launched in 2008. The name “Rolex Deepsea” derives from the Deep Sea Special, an experimental watch that successfully dived to a depth of 10,916 meters in 1960. The watch showcases Rolex’s water resistance expertise and decades of underwater exploration experience. Fake Rolex for sale Deepsea Ghost King is the ultimate oyster watch that stands up to test and challenge and is a favorite of actual professional Marine divers.

When it launched the Rolex Deepsea Ghost King, it was expected to be the dominant player in the seas. The Rolex Deepsea is an offshoot of the Submariner, and because of its waterproof outer ring, the Mercedes pointer and timing scale is almost identical. The difference is that the Rolex Deepsea Ghost King is even more water-resistant, up to 3,900 meters. The so-called advantages have disadvantages, but also, because of the depth of the waterproof reason, the watch is not equipped with the classic magnifying glass blisters that most fans love. However, its undisputed super waterproof performance is the perfect foundation of the fake Rolex for sale Deepsea water ghost’s irreplaceable diving table status.


Product specification

Since it is a professional sports diving table designed for extreme underwater exploration, it is necessary to say why 116660 can do so deep and waterproof. First, the helium drain valve is one of the waterproof devices on the Rolex Deepsea Ghost King 116660. Some people even think the diving table does not exhaust the helium valve; it is not a professional diving table. In marine operations, divers spend long periods in high-pressure submersible pods. Still, the air in these pods is usually filled with a mixture of helium-oxygen rather than nitrogen-oxygen. In a decompression chamber, helium, an extraordinarily light and unstable gas, permeates every corner, even the inside of a watch. It is released at a slower watch speed than the cabin pressure relief, so trapped in the watch, internal pressure is relatively large, and the case will be due to high pressure and may burst. At this time, the role of the helium exhaust valve is to quickly discharge the backlog of helium in the case outside the case to ensure the safety of the case. With all this in mind, fake Rolex for sale has developed a spring-loaded helium valve that opens to release the helium when there is a pressure difference of more than three to five bars between the inside and outside of the watch without affecting its water resistance. In the market, many brands of the senior professional diving table with helium discharge valves, such as Omega, and Po Po, which also a setting to enhance the professional diving table.


Watch of wrist of analysis

The new Deepsea Sea-Dweller features several non-obvious changes that are likely to be noticed by those who own or are very familiar with Tag Heuer replica watches . Rolex, for example, “redesigned” the ear.

The edge has a distinct, slightly rounded cone rather than simply flat. In addition, the steel watch chain has been thickened by about a millimeter to accommodate slightly thinner earrings due to the taper, and the Oysterlock collapsible buckle has been adjusted in size.
But the natural attraction of this new release is that Sea-Dweller is now using Rolex’s new permanent Calibre 3235 — the first Sea-Dweller 126600 to use the Calibre 3235. This movement is notable among fake Rolex for sale sports watch enthusiasts as it is the first to be certified by the Rolex autonomous standard Superlay Chronometer.
In addition to the helium valve as a waterproof layer, the Rolex Deepsea Ghost King 116660 features a patented Ringlock system on the oyster case. Like Omega, Bao Po, and other brands of diving watches in the rotating ring, crown guard bridge, and double watch back structure to do reinforcement waterproof function design, Rolex will focus on the innovation of the case: A nitrogen-alloy stainless steel ring bracket, a 5 mm thick arched blue crystal glass treated with high purity aluminum oxide to withstand off-surface pressure, and a titanium base cover that we’ll talk about later, all three components make up the Ringlock system for increased ruggedization, water resistance, and pressure resistance.


Overall, the change in appearance could be more precise, but a few minor changes still feel more personal to the individual. As for this movement, as early as last year, there were a lot of comments; some people say it is not as beautiful as before, and others say it is more reliable, but anyway, it is in line with the Rolex tone, the fake Rolex for sale tone is reliable, durable, this will not change.

Model:116660 – D-Blue
Case_size:44 MM
Bracelet_material:Steel (Oyster)
Dial_type:Black & Blue
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
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