How Did Rolex’s “Cheapest” Sports Watch Come About? Cheap Fake Watches

Rolex Airmaster 116900

Airmaster 116900 is the one with the lowest public price among the professional sports models that Rolex is currently selling. Compared with popular sports models such as Submarine, Daytona, and Greenwich, the Airmaster is easily “ignored.” But in fact, Airmaster is also one of the oldest sports watches in Rolex. So how did the Kongba come about?

In 1945, Rolex appeared with the name “air master.”

Kongba that is, Air King, English Air King. When we hear the name, this watch may be related to airplanes. The Rolex Airmaster is related to “air combat.” To pay tribute to the pilots who participated in the “British Air Battle” in World War II and defended Britain, Rolex launched various sky-related cheap fake watches, starting with Air, including Rolex Air Lion, Air Giant, Air King, and Tudor Air Tiger. Among them, only the Air King continues until today.

Rolex Air King appeared in 1945.

Rolex’s gone, Air Giant.

In 1957, Rolex’s modern “Airmaster Series” was born.

Empty Battle has become an extensive series of Rolex Movement, which began in 1957 (also said in 1958). The first model of Kongba was 5500. Five thousand five hundred determined some of the essential characteristics of the Rolex Skyba series. Including the polished beam, the simple plate surface, no additional functions, and the long-term 34 mm size maintained by empty tyrants. In addition, the name of Air King also appeared on the dial. Some branch models of the Empty 5500 and 5500 were produced from 1957 to 1990. The production time is very long, becoming a vital entry model in Rolex Movement.

Rolex Airmaster 5500

The Airmaster 5500 mainly uses two movements. One is the 1520 movement, and the other is the 1530 movement. The difference is that the adjustment accuracy of the movement is different. The 1530 movement is a super precision level, and the word Super Precision will be printed on the watch’s dial; the 1520 movement is a precision level, and the word Precision will be published on the watch dial. It can be recognized from the face of the watch.

In Airmaster 5500, there are some branch swiss models. Airmaster 5700, known as Air King Date, is the Airmaster who added a magnifying glass calendar. In addition, there is also a very rare “exploring a plate of noodles” air fighter among the air fighters. It is on the 34mm Airmaster case that the dial of “Tanyi” is used.

Airmaster 5700 with magnifying glass calendar.

Exploring a plate of “Kongba.”

In 1991, the Airmaster 5500 was replaced by the Airmaster 14000.

In 1991, Rolex launched the Airmaster 14000, which was upgraded based on the 5500. 14000 maintains a size of 34 mm, uses a sapphire glass mirror, and replaces it with a Rolex 3035 series movement (specifically 3000, which is the no-calendar version of 3035). Among them, 14000 is still a polished bezel, while 14010 uses the “thirteen strokes” bezel that old players are familiar with. There are 13 raised scale vertical bars on the bezel as if the bezel has been scratched 13 times. So it is commonly known as “thirteen strokes.”

In 2001, the Airmaster 14000 and its branch model 14010 were replaced with the new 3135 series movement (specifically 3130, the version without a calendar). Since then, Airmaster has achieved the same direction as the Rolex currently on sale. To replace the Airmaster with the 31 series movement, the model has added an M, namely 14000M, and 14010M.

Rolex Airmaster 14010 “Thirteen strokes.”

In 2007, the Airmaster 114200 replaced the 14000.

In 2007, Rolex launched the Airmaster 114200. Today, 114200 is still in circulation in the secondary market. It is also a modern air fighter with which many players have come into contact. The Airmaster 114200 is still 34 mm in size and has a 3130 movement. The most significant change is that Rolex’s iconic super observatory words SUPERLATIVE CHRONOMETER OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED have been printed on the watch’s dial. It replaces the Precision (Chinese means precise) of the previous Airbus. Airmaster 114200 mainly has a polished bezel, but at the same time, it also includes 114210 with a “thirteen-stroke” bezel and 114234 with a “dog tooth ring.”

Rolex Airmaster 114200 “Disc Surface”

Rolex Airmaster 114200 “color label.”

By the time of the 114200 generations of Airbus, the Airbus has become very fashionable. For example, the color plate, color label, color word airbag, and record pattern airbag that old players are familiar with all appeared in the 114200 generations of the airbag. What I was in contact with back then was mainly this generation of air fighters. Even today, the many color models of 114200 are still fashionable, beautiful, and timeless.

Rolex Airmaster 114234 “Dog tooth ring record pattern.”

In 2014, Rolex briefly discontinued the Airmaster. The number 114200 does not belong to Airbus anymore. Players familiar with Rolex know that the current number 114200 belongs to the Rolex Oyster Perpetual 34 mm. But two years later, Rolex launched a brand new Airmaster 116900. That is, the 40mm Airmaster that Rolex is selling now.

Rolex Airmaster 114234 “Dog Teeth Ring Drilling”

In 2016, the Airbus 116900, currently on sale, was born.

The brand-new Airmaster 116900 launched by Rolex in 2016 is the most significant update in the history of the Airmaster. The Airmaster 116900, for the first time, increased the size of the Airmaster to 40mm, reaching the current mainstream size of a Rolex sports watch. The 34mm length of the old Airmaster is too tiny for a men’s eye today, and it does not meet the current men’s watch standards. At the same time, the Airmaster 116900 and the Rolex green glass Milgauss share the same case, and the Airmaster 116900 also has an antimagnetic inner chance.

Airmaster 116900 uses a new yellow-green color scheme, yellow Rolex crown, green ROLEX English words, green second hand, very fashionable, and replaced the iconic “Mercedes-Benz pointer” of Rolex sports watches. 3, 6, and 9 on the watch’s dial are three-dimensional metal characters, and there is an inverted triangle with luminous light at noon. The remaining time scales on the dial are printed digital time scales, which are very beautiful. Regarding movement, the Airmaster 116900 is still a 3135 series movement (specifically 3131), which meets Rolex’s current Super Observatory standard, with a daily error of +2/-2 seconds (green tag standard).

The Airmaster 116900 is currently on sale and is still the sports watch with the lowest public price now sold by Rolex. Airmaster 116900’s appearance value has been dramatically improved, and the final actual price (actual market price) is relatively reasonable among Rolex sports watches; whether it is usually worn or bought for playing, it is okay.

Brand: Rolex
Range: Air-King
Model: 114200
Gender: Unisex
Movement: Automatic
Case_size: 34 MM
Case_material: Steel
Bracelet_material: Steel (Oyster)
Dial_type: Blue Arabic
Water_resistance: Water Resistant

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